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For probably 98% of Americans, the week leading up to Thanksgiving brings warm emotions of love and gratefulness. The other 2% experience a strange mixture of nostalgia and anxiety as our day of thankfulness and feasting approaches.  I wish I could say I am not part of that 2%, but I would be lying.

As I have gotten older, I have tried to establish my own traditions and create my own holiday memories. However, my competitive side always seems to kick in somewhere around November 1st. I plan and I plan, attempting to create the best Thanksgiving menu ever to exist. I carefully tweak ingredients and timing so my day is absolutely perfect. I want to win at Thanksgiving, even though that concept is totally against the aura of the holiday.

This year is not different, unfortunately.  The only exception is that I will have my first Thanksgiving with my Mother in quite a few years, so some of the day’s preparations have been relieved for me. She loves to bake, so I have delegated the pies to her (recipes that of course I picked out). I hope that someday I will calm down and not be such a planner; someday I will relax and be thankful for my companionship throughout the day and eat a frozen pot pie. It is unlikely since my holiday preparedness isn’t the only facet in my life that I create competition.

This is my first Thanksgiving being employed at salon Modello and I am extremely grateful for my fellow employees. For the first time in my career I am surrounded by veterans. The majority of my comrades have been in the hair industry for as long as I have been alive and have so much to teach me. They are truly and inspiration, especially in these trying financial times. When I see dedication to fully booked schedules and positive attitudes it makes me smile. To them I try to inspire by bringing philanthropy to the salon via toy drives for the local USO and makeovers to local women’s organizations. I try to showcase my ability to provide outstanding customer service to their clients while I work the front desk, and seek their approval when I do a transforming color on my own clients.

For Thanksgiving 2011 I am proud to be a part of a winning team, and I am thankful. I may have my own OCD way of showing it, but at the end of the day I suppose I will survive if my meal isn’t as amazing as last year’s. We only live once, and in my life I strive for excellence in all aspects. I try to make my next year’s resolutions during this holiday while I am reflecting on what I am grateful for. Behind the nostalgia and anxiety I have warmth in my heart for the beauty industry and its ever changing rules. I love being an artist and am thankful for the time I spend around the creative people at salon Modello.

What are you thankful for? Is it possible to be filled with emotions of love and emotions of anxiety?  I think so.  Happy Thanksgiving from salon Modello!

Post by: Sam