While I am attending cosmetology school, I work part time at salon Modello, my position being a stylist assistant and guest services host. As fulfilling as that may sound, I somehow still find the time to participate in photo shoots and fashion shows through my school. Since I can’t do hair at work (legally) yet, it’s a fun way for my fellow co-workers to get a glimpse of what I can do. I get asked frequently about my school shenanigans, and I figured I would share some of my experiences here.

Leila and Martine get to business.

Natasha working her makeup magic

At my most recent editorial gig I participated in a Fall/Winter fashion shoot, collaborating with Sarah Jesser, a senior photographer at Seattle Central Community College. Working alongside my fellow students Leila Hayward (hair) and Natasha Singh (makeup), we had 2 models booked for the day. Most shoots can be very unpredictable when it comes to the amount of models and work that will be done. An element of editorial work is that the situation can change in the blink of an eye, and you have to be prepared to adjust your game plan accordingly. Originally we booked 4-5 models but, throughout the day that number turned into 3, then 4 again, and then just 2 at the end of it all!

Our first model had gorgeous, long chocolate brown locks. Her hair was destined to be set into a very retro 1940’s fingerwave style. Now, for so many of us in beauty school, “fingerwave” is almost a bad word. A true old-school fingerwave is not easy to pull off (and things can become rather messy and time-consuming with gel).  We cheated the old-school system by using curling irons to set her hair first, and then combing & shaping her into place to look more like a wave.  The technique both eliminated the need to wet her hair down, and set the style under a dryer, which can take quite a bit of time. On most shoots, time isn’t always a luxury, so curling irons and double-prong clips came to the rescue on this particular day.  We then used shine spray & smoothed away any flyaways to finish her hair. We sent her off to get her look finished, and Natasha’s lovely make-up application was a simple glam look. After hair and make-up, model #1 was ready for her time in front of the camera.

Model #1 looks pleased!

Workin' it!

Our second model arrived ready to get into her look for the day’s shoot – A ”modern, sexy bed-head” look with some very intense and vibrant make-up. Our mission was to create a “messy” texture in the hair department, but messy simply can’t just be messy, right? This is a photo shoot after all. Messy must still be camera-ready & requires work. Leila and I once again relied on our curling irons to complete the look.  We started with a set of curls that were slightly different from the first model. To avoid too much wave or curl to form in her hair, we took larger vertical subsections throughout her head. Using our irons we only rolled half of each hair section one direction, leaving the ends free, which we then slightly curled in the opposite direction.

We are clearly having way too much fun..

This technique gave her hair a funky wave that was still polished enough to look editorial, and not like she literally just rolled out of bed. We finished her look with some slight back-combing at her ends and applied texturizing creme throughout to define the shape and overall look.

Strategically-placed jewels gives the look a whole new dimension.

Natasha gets to work on look #2.

Natasha’s makeup application for Model #2 was going to be a bit more demanding; she needed to incorporate a strong, colorful smoky eye with a stick-on bejeweled accessory complimenting the look. We LOVE the finished look!

Our lovely model, all bejeweled & ready to shoot!

After a long, exhausting, and rewarding day working on the shoot we were all ready to head home. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to artistically perform under stress! Working together as a team designing beautiful looks to inspire, gives me great hope for my future professionally. Thank you readers for listening to my “a day in the life”,  please drop by salon Modello and say hi sometime!
UPDATE: Our lovely photographer Sarah has sent over some final edits of our models!
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