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Most of our lives we have transitioned our wardrobes and hair-colors to reflect the changing leaves the Fall season brings. This year I’d like to propose a newer method of transition. Instead of all over single process colors, why don’t we continue the ombré trend that has been the sought after this last year.

With the careful technique of Balayage, your colorist can melt shades of Autumn into your Summer inspired locks. Hand painting strand by strand, this application of color gives your hair its own personality. No one else will have your exact shade, or shades. Ombre hair-color will keep your hair fresh and trendy. You can get away with longer time between touch-ups because the only color close to your root area is matched to your natural shade, or is your natural hair.

Buttery blondes, Chestnut browns, and Coffee inspired black, are all shades that are hot this 2011 Fall season. Your colorist can make a special blend of these colors to suit your skin tone. I wouldn’t be afraid to toss in a few panels of super bright Rusty Copper red just for fun. The contrast of these beautiful tones blended throughout your mane are sure to turn a few heads.

October is here, so break out those sweaters and book yourself an appointment at salon Modello for Balayaged beautiful Fall focused Ombre hair. Check us out @ salonmodello.com

Post by: Sam