TIGI’s new line of products has hit the salon world, and so far with great reviews & results.  The super-sweet packaging & clever names (Totally Baked, Sugar Dust) makes me automatically think of Willy Wonka. But ultra-sweet themes aren’t all this line has to offer. With products that emphasize on texture, volume, flexible hold & smoothing, this is truly a multi-tasking product line for the new age of styling.

The line currently features 5 products. How about some info?

Sugar Dust Invisible Micro Texture Hair Powder is a nifty little product that eliminates that dreaded greasy roots look, adds volume & gives hair texture. Sprinkle some onto the root area, work in with fingertips, and watch your hair instantly become awesome(r). Sugar Dust provides medium hold & a matte finish, being an excellent way to refresh your 2nd day style between shampoos. You can also layer Sugar Dust for even more volume & texture. Sprinkle a bit on your crown area & backcomb for super-volume! It also smells like fruity deliciousness, and is great for all hair types.

Mega Whip Marshmallow Hair Texturizer can be used on wet or dry hair. This fluffy whip provides light texture with flexible hold for all hair types. It is great for defining and texturizing layers. To use, emulsify a small amount between hands and run fingers through damp hair, shaping the ends with the tips of your fingers to get that piece-y look. If that’s not enough texture for you, add more after blowdrying. Mega Whip is also an ideal product for those with thick and coarse textured hair.

And yes, it does smell like marshmallows, and now I kind of want s’mores.

Sugar Shock Hair Bodifying Sugar Spray is awesome for giving wavy styles a body-boost. Perfect for that extra-tousled look. Adds 2x the volume to any style. Spray into damp or dry hair from about a 6-8 inches and distribute evenly mid-length to ends. Shape your hair with your hands to get the look you want. For super texture, distribute into sections of dry hair, which will also give extra hold. For extra wavy texture, spray in damp hair & comb through, twist or scrunch in sections, let air-dry or lightly diffuse. This spray also helps control frizz & flyaways, as well. I actually just sprayed this stuff into my own wavy, thick hair. I can personally tell you that this is like magic.

Totally Baked Voluminizing & Prepping Hair Meringue is a super-versatile prep product that is applied to damp hair. Take 2-3 pumps & emulsify in your hands until product becomes creamy, then run fingers through mid-shaft to ends before blowdrying. When you blowdry you get long-lasting volume, hold & texture. If you’d like an extra-crazy disheveled texture in your hair: rough-dry product into hair using hands instead of a brush. Totally Baked can be cocktailed with smoothing serum (see below) for extra shine & hold to any style. It is great for all hair types, non-greasy, and provides humidity control & shape retention.

Smells like delicious lemon meringue pie! Yum!

Glaze Haze Semi-Sweet Smoothing Serum contains sugar cane & bamboo extracts for softness, nourishment & shine. It also contains cashmere keratin to restore protein while conditioning & moisturizing for healthier locks. This lightweight serum also provides humidity control, reduces frizz & flyaways, and helps speed up the blow drying process. Hair feels up to 50% smoother. Use 1-2 pumps and emulsify between hands, apply to mid-length and ends, and any areas that get particularly frizzy before blow drying. Glaze Haze smells like creme brulee! Can I just say that all these products smell amazing? I am about to start eating this stuff!

Have YOU tried any Candy Fixation products yet? Share your thoughts with us! If the answer is no, then book an appointment with us at Salon Modello & experience them for yourself with your service!


Post by: Martine