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I initially started today’s blog with the intention of being a “back to school hairstyle guide;” something along the lines of “Funky Fresh Braids.” With already using half of the workday on photos to attach to my blog, I realized that I just did a Summer Hair tutorial two weeks ago and no one would believe I was truly in the back to school mindset. Especially when Summer has finally arrived here in Seattle with temps hovering over the mid-eighties all this week.

In all honesty I am more interested in the “dip dyed” haircolor trend that has been on for a few months. I am blown away at the amount of celebrities willing to bleach out their lovely locks and thrown on some florescent color for the sake of fashion. I know that every couple of years there is one adventurous diva who will make the talent agents shriek and the hiptsers hooray.

This is becoming something so very trashy, and not classy because of copycats attempting this feat at home. As a strong proponent of in salon professional haircolor I cannot express the delicacy of this service. The integrity of the hair is at a serious risk of being forever ruined if the color is not done gently with softer professional grade products. I can attest to the handfuls of hair I shed myself of during my rebellious teenage years, wanting to be as punk as can be.

Here in the salon we are more than willing to perform “dip dye” transformations on the everyday client, with the selection of Paul Mitchell Inkworks or Pravana Vivid Colors. We also provide a complimentary deep conditioning service to pump fresh life into locks. I, myself have been rocking the Inkworks hot pink on my ends for the last couple months and have been doing at home treatments with an intensive conditioner.

After letting all the sour stories of thrashed hair get to me, my mind can not focus on back to school hair, but to beautiful lavender strands of perfectly curled hair.When you take note on the trends of the year and know that salon Modello is here to take your hand down the trendy path of righteous hair. Be as venturesome as you’d like, and know your hair will survive until Fall.

And if you’re looking for some back to school braids, we aren’t afraid to tackle those as well!

Post by: Sam