Have you heard of Morrocan oil? If you haven’t, and aren’t using this awesome healthy hair-promoting product line yet, you are totally missing out. For those who have medium or coarse texture, or dry/processed hair from chemical services, you should absolutely be using this stuff. For ladies with fine hair there is a lighter version you can use to achieve the same goodness as the original. The Morrocan oil product line is a Godsend, and since you use so little you won’t go through an entire bottle in a month. The complete line includes shampoos, conditioners, intensive repair masks and beyond.

My personal favorite is the oil itself, it can be used as an intensive leave-in treatment by using a very small amount of oil. Application starts by dispensing one to two drops into your hands and emulsifying  to activate, and then evenly distributing throughout damp hair. The oil also helps protect the hair from heat damage during styling. I also like to use the oil to smooth fly-aways, and to add shine and separation to the ends of the hair as a finishing product. Again, one or two drops is all you need, emulsify in your hands and smooth over the ends and along the part or hairline to tame those pesky little hairs that always want to stand up straight.

Salon Modello carries the entire Moroccan Oil product line. Ask your stylist about it or purchase some of your own! You will NOT be sorry.


Post by: Martine