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Summer has finally arrived here in Seattle. For the last two weeks we have been graced with nearly 80 degree weather, and I don’t know about you, but that is plenty hot enough to me. The humidity rises as the temps do, and with all of these traumatic atmospheric conditions, your hair can quickly becomes an inconvenience.
To stay fashionably cute without impulsively chopping all your locks off, or throwing it all up in a sloppy pony, you should set aside at least five minutes for styling everyday.

There are a few go-to styles I choose when its super warm out and I haven’t the time for blow-dry styling. The first is the textured pony: I start by backcombing  my hair in sections, beginning around my crown area all the way to my forehead. When I’m done with that, I start smoothing the sides back and begin to form a pony. My top area remains big (but is also pulled into the pony) as I tie my band tight. At this point, I usually form my bump by either tightening my band and pushing my front area bigger, or pulling a bit of the front area up and pinning it above the pony with a clip or bobby pin.
My second choice is a sleek low pony; this look can be achieved with or without bangs. If you have bangs, your first step is to get them all together and pin them in the front so that they can be left out of the pony. If you do not have bangs or want your bangs to be in the pony, then this is the time to start the backcombing. You wan to backcomb your hair in sections starting below your occipital bone towards your crown area. After you’re finished with that, start smoothing your sides and top all the way down to the low pony area by your hairline. Tie up your band, and tighten it a bit for some volume. At this point, you may spray your bangs back into the pony or un-clip them and place those loose locks in the desired region.

My third favorite go-to hairstyle for hot and dirty hair is the twist back.  Part your hair in the middle, on the side, or zig-zagged in order to have two sections to work with. Pin one side out of the way, and begin twisting the other side by rolling the hair back and under towards the rear of your head. Once you have reached the back, you should pin the section tightly so you may begin the other side of the head. When you have completed twisting both sides, you can band the two sections together in the back of your head, either creating a tiny bun or letting the hair hang down like a mini pony.

Of course, if none of these styles speak to you, do not hesitate to get creative with messy top-buns and head-bands. Both are classic and clean and require very little effort. Just remember, when doing a low maintenance style, it doesn’t hurt to fancy it up a bit with a trendy hair clip or a little hair wrap around the hair tie. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that you stay cool, and looking fabulous!

Post by: Sam