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Whether or not to embrace your hair’s natural texture is a debate that is as old as mankind. For centuries women and men have been changing the texture of their hair with chemicals and tools in an attempt to alter their born with locks. Some of these methods have been extremely damaging to the health and well-being of the person receiving the treatment as well as the person performing it. The beauty industry is always on the look out for the newest and greatest hair texture altering system. Perms and relaxers have come a long way since Bananarama and Jheri curls.

At salon Modello we offer a wide variety of the latest hair smoothing and relaxing systems. We have all been through extensive training for our particular lines and methods in order to give our clients the most consistent and beautiful results.  No two hair smoothing systems are alike and all were created with a particular client in mind. When having a consultation with first time clients we are sure to offer them all options regarding upkeep and at home maintenance.

Given the opportunity to start anew with your natural texture, please consider all your options. You may want to go the route of a soft designer perm, a Brazilian Blowout, a Marcia Teixeira keratin treatment, or a full blown old fashioned relaxer. You may want to just stick to your own beautiful born with locks and try out a customized color service to play with the surface of the hair. Whichever direction you go, salon Modello would love to take you there.

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Post by: Sam