Make a resolution to reinvent your hair


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Commitment to one major resolution is something of a New Year’s tradition. Now that we are approaching March I feel it’s about time we discuss how everyone’s resolutions are coming along. If history repeats itself, then the majority of folks have laxed theirs. For 2012 I’d like to propose a reinvention for that one big resolution everyone makes. My reinvention consists of little resolutions. Completed little resolutions stacked up against one big resolution can do a lot for one’s self esteem.

My first little resolution of the year is to have great hair! When you have great hair you are making a most excellent first impression. When you have a most excellent first impression you, you have a lasting impression.  Instead of going over all the little resolutions you can make throughout the year, I’ll just focus on the one I know best, great hair.

Step one to having great hair is having a professional stylist. When you have someone you can trust with your tresses, and who genuinely cares about your outer being, you know you are going to be on top of your game. Your stylist can cut and color your mane to fit your lifestyle, skin tone, eye color, and preference. Once you have that special person create your signature look, you could be wearing a paper sack and still feel hot! After the initial look is achieved you must use professional products at home or you will not be able to recreate that “salon look”.

If you are getting proper product recommendations from your trusted stylist, your styling abilities will be on par with the most envied red carpet looks. I am not saying you need to use 25 products a day to feel fabulous, but at least 5 are needed to achieve a smokin’ style. Stick with the basics, like professional shampoo, conditioner, wet base (serums, mouse, gel), dry base (serums, heat protectant), and finishing products (shine spray, hairspray). Be sure to use them the way you were directed at the salon, if you don’t know, ask. Most professional stylists are more than willing to share industry secrets with our clients. We are happy when you are happy, so use us, please!

If you’re feeling a little lost this year, then head to the salon for a makeover and start 2012 beautiful. Keep up on regular cuts, try at home conditioning treatments, or switch up styles. Trust me, once your hair is fabulous, the rest will just fall in to place. And even if it doesn’t, at least you looked good trying. Salon Modello is here for you.

Post by- Sam